Christian History Project. This site contains the text of 12 volumes on the history of mankind over the last 2,000 years written from a 'collectively-denominational' Christian perspective.

Five Fridays in May Contest


to the Christian History Project’s Five Fridays in May Contest

which gives you five chances to win $100

To be eligible you must be either:

(a) registered in Grades 10, 11 or 12 of one of the Alberta Christian schools, shown on the list below, or
(b) registered as a home-schooled Alberta student

Here’s how it works:

First: You register as a contestant (Registration will open May 5th).

Second: Also as directed, you call up Volume 1 of the history series entitled The Christians. The text of all the volumes appears on the web. The volumes with their majestic paintings, photos, sketches and maps are on display in the libraries of all the participating schools. Take a look at them. They are very interesting.

Third: You call up and read the chapter or chapters, shown as assigned for the current week. Remember to read the sidebar stories too; they are part of the chapter, and the question may be drawn from one of them.

Fourth: In one word or two you answer the question assigned for that week. Remember: spelling counts. A misspelled answer will be considered a wrong answer.

Fifth: All correct responses will be placed in a hat the following Thursday. The winner drawn will be sent a cheque for $100.

Some answered questions:

1. Must I join in the first week, or can I join part way through the five? Provided you’re otherwise qualified, you can join at any time during the five weeks.

2. Can I answer the questions anyway, even if I’m not eligible for a prize? Yes.

3. I’m in a Christian school. Why is our school not on the list? The five-Fridays-of- May is a trial run, with the schools chosen pretty much at random. If student participation is sufficient, many more Christian schools from western Canada will be added to the program in September, as funding can be found to cover the costs. There will also be monthly essay-type questions with $350 prizes, as well as research assignments in which students will be taught to detect and document bias in the reporting of Christian history in the popular media.

List of Participating Schools

  • Bishop O’Byrne High School
  • Calgary Christian High School
  • Calvin Christian School
  • Central Alberta Christian High School
  • Christ the King High School
  • Coaldale Christian School
  • Edmonton Christian High School
  • Glenmary School
  • Heritage Christian Academy
  • Holy Cross Catholic High School
  • Immanuel Christian School
  • Millwoods Christian School
  • Monsignor McCoy High School
  • Morinville Christian School
  • Notre Dame Catholic High School
  • Notre Dame Collegiate
  • Parkland Immanuel Christian School
  • St. Albert Catholic High School
  • St. Andrew’s School
  • St. Joseph’s Collegiate
  • Strathcona Christian Academy
  • Theresetta School
  • Yellowhead Koinonia Christian School
  • Home School