Christian History Project. This site contains the text of 12 volumes on the history of mankind over the last 2,000 years written from a 'collectively-denominational' Christian perspective.

VOLUME NINE: A Century of Giants
A.D. 1500 to 1600
In an age of spiritual genius, western Christendom shatters


In the history of Christianity, the 16th was undeniably a century of gigantic figures, and the three greatest, many would agree, were surely the three shown on the cover: of this new volume: Luther (top left), Loyola (right) and Calvin (below).

But there were lesser giants, no less important to the events of the 1500s, including the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Charles V, who fought to unite Catholic and Protestant Christians against the descending armies of Islam which threatened to conquer Europe in the same way they had devoured the East, Egypt and North Africa;

  • Philipp Melanchthon, who became Martin Luther's indispensable aide and successor;
  • Francis Xavier, who brought Christianity to the great empires of the Far East;
  • John Knox, who took Calvinism to Scotland and founded what would become the Presbyterian Church;
  • Pope Paul III, who against every conceivable obstacle forced into being the Council of Trent, which defined the theological foundation of the Catholic Church for the oncoming modern era;
  • William the Silent, who launched and led the war that would produce the amazing Dutch Republic; Don Juan of Austria, whose naval victory at Lepanto blocked the Islamic advance into Europe through the Mediterranean; and,
  • Queen Elizabeth I of England, whose compromise religious policies prevented in her realm such bloody warfare as shattered the Netherlands and France in her own time, and would largely destroy Germany in the ensuing century.

Giants all, they and many more as well will be encountered in the pages that follow.

This volume of The Christians, Their First Two Thousand Years has yet to be fully transcribed to the project website. You can, however, order the book to enjoy in hard-cover form complete with hundreds of beautiful illustrations by visiting The Christians website.