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The Christians
Their First Two Thousand Years

Question Five

The response to our fifth and final question on this trial run created a problem because up until late in the week no answer came in that we considered correct. Finally, a correct answer arrived.

The question asked:

“In which of his letters (or epistles) does Paul say that carrying out God’s rules is the most important thing in a Christian’s life?”

Four people answered the Epistle to the Romans, deriving their response no doubt from the cited quotation of J.B. Phillips:”To Paul, brought up under the rigid Jewish law, God was primarily the God of Righteousness, of moral perfection.”

However, Phillip goes on to explain that no man has ever unfailingly obeyed the Law, leading Paul to the conclusion that man’s case was therefore hopeless. However God resolves this problem by himself becoming man and accepting the consequences of human failure by his own suffering and death.

The point is further underlined in the sixth from the last paragraph in the chapter which reads:

“More than any other first-century Christian, excepting perhaps Jesus himself, Paul insisted, often at the peril of his very life, that each soul has a unique relationship to Christ, that a religion that consists of categorical rules means certain spiritual death…”

The winner for Question 5 is Davis Konynenbelt from the Immanuel Christian School in Lethbridge. Congratulations, Davis!

This concludes the pilot version of this contest. Thank you for participating. Check back in the fall when we hope to sponsor an entire school year’s worth of questions. Until then enjoy summer and we hope you join again in the fun next fall!