Christian History Project. This site contains the text of 12 volumes on the history of mankind over the last 2,000 years written from a 'collectively-denominational' Christian perspective.

The Christians
Their First Two Thousand Years

A series of fascinating books on those remarkable people called Christians, who say they have been born anew through the power of a man called Jesus Christ, and who have shaped the course of human history for the last two thousand years.

They include emperors and peasants, kings and transients, extraordinary women and challenging men, people of great wealth and people sworn to a lifetime of poverty, scientists, poets, politicians and musicians, but all holding one captivating thing in common, a deep faith in, and commitment to, the man called Jesus, who regards them all as his brothers and sisters.

Here is their story, told as it has never been told before, an epic like Lord of the Rings, but soundly historical, factual and true, with people so vibrant, so real that they will make you question the depth of your own commitments, and examine your own life in the light that shines from theirs across the ages.

See how they met the horrendous difficulties that so often beset them, how they regarded death as a triviality and life as an eternal phenomenon. But see also how they were far from infallible, frequently went astray and erred seriously. Yet they were always called back, and step by painful step laid the very foundations of the society we live in today—a society we could delude ourselves into thinking we cannot lose.

If you are a Christian, then you are one of these people, and this is your story, the story of your family, your brothers and sisters. Meet them. For you too have wars to win and souls to save, and they may show you how.

  • VOLUME ONE | A.D. 30 to A.D. 70 | The Veil is Torn | Pentecost to the Destruction of Jerusalem
    | A.D. 70 to 250 | A Pinch of Incense | From the Fall of Jerusalem to the Decian Persecution
  • VOLUME THREE | A.D. 250 to 350 | By This Sign | From the Decian Persecution to the Constantine Era